Please give me the strength to change the things I can and a place to complain about the things I can't.


What is a dagnabit? Well simply put, a dagnabit is a polite way of expressing yourself over life's little bumps and bloopers. Sit back and enjoy the irony of life in it's full glory. The following stories are things that have made someone scream or holler DAGNABIT!

Automation, by Mike T. in California

I recently stopped at a travel center to stretch my legs and use the men's room. When I finished, the toilet flushed automatically. I went to wash my hands and the faucet came on automatically and even the soap dispensor was automated. But, when I tried to get a paper towel to dry my hands, the dang thing would'nt dispense any paper towels. Growling at it I slapped the side of the dispensor then hit it again for good measure. Finally the guy standing next to me smiled and said, "The handle right there makes it work." and he pointed out the lever to get towels.

DAGNABIT, I felt stupid that day.

G.P.S. Units, by Jeffrey M. in Missouri

Ever wonder why your G.P.S. defaults to a female voice? The Manufacturers performed a study of people who use G.P.S. units and discovered that men use navigational aids more often than women because men refuse to stop and ask for directions. Furthermore most men have a wife or significant other that has trained them to listen to her every word.

DAGNABIT, thats why it's so frustrating when she says that fatal word, "RECALCULATING!"

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